Новые и прикольные мелочи в iOS 17, про которые не скажут на презентациях

Я люблю перед релизом читать полный список новых фич новых систем (вот, например, для iOS 17). Потому что есть большие фичи, о которых говорят на презентации, но ими ведь обновление не ограничивается. И вот именно такие списки содержат всякие интересные мелочи, которые часто полезны и интересны, но про которые не скажут на презентациях.

Дальше список того, за что зацепился глаз у меня:

Dual SIM Improvements. If you use dual SIM,
you can set different ringtones per SIM and
choose either SIM card to return a phone call
from an unknown caller.

One-time verification code cleanup. One-time
verification codes are automatically deleted from
the Messages app after using them with autofill
anywhere in the system.

Leave a message. When someone doesn’t pick
up your FaceTime call, leave them a video or
audio message to capture exactly what you
want to say

New way to initiate AirDrop. Share content
or start a SharePlay session over AirDrop by
bringing your iPhone close to another.

Continue over the internet.2 AirDrop transfers
will continue over the internet when you step
out of range.

Explicit language handling. The keyboard
will add explicit language that you use to your
personal vocabulary list and will learn this usage
for each different app. Explicit language that is
learned is used for autocorrect, QuickPath,
suggestions, and predictive text.

One-time verification code autofill from Mail.
One-time verification codes you receive in Mail
now autofill in Safari, making it easy to log in
without leaving the browser.

EV routing improvements. Select a preferred
charging network when getting directions for
your electric vehicle. Apple Maps will show you
charger availability on the map and in search
results. Search for chargers based on plug type,
network, and more.

Lift multiple subjects from background.
Lift multiple subjects from the background of
photos and videos and place them in apps like

Screen Distance. Reduce the risk of myopia
by encouraging children to increase the distance
at which they view their devices. Screen
Distance also gives adults the opportunity to
reduce digital eye strain.

Live Speech. Type what you want to say and
have it spoken out loud in phone calls, FaceTime
calls, or for in-person conversations.

Find My
Item Sharing. Up to five other people can share
an AirTag or Find My network accessory.
Everyone in the sharing group will be able to see
the item’s location, get directions to the item, and
use Precision Finding and Play Sound to help
pinpoint a shared AirTag’s location when nearby.

Activity history. See a recent history for
garage doors, door locks, security systems, and
contact sensor events directly in the Home app.

Pets in the People album. Individual pets are
now surfaced in the People album just like
friends or family members.

Да, Blackberry, Cosmos, Samsung and Atlas 🙂

Apple ID
Sign in with email or phone number. When
signing in with an Apple ID and password, you
no longer need to remember your exact Apple ID
email address. You can use any email address or
phone number on file in your account.

Horizon level. A virtual horizon level provides
haptic feedback when iPhone is level with the

Save screenshot as image. Choose whether to
save a full-page screenshot in Safari, Pages, or
Notes as an image or a PDF.

Live Text
Vertical text recognition. Live Text recognizes
vertically oriented Chinese, Japanese, and
Korean text.

New languages. Translate, system-wide
translation, and Safari web page translation
support Ukrainian.

Enhanced Order Tracking. Add orders to Wallet
directly from a participating merchant’s website,
app, or email. You will also be able to view digital
receipts directly from the Order Details page
in Wallet.