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Sales/Market data
iPhone Overtakes Android In US Sales For The First Time Since 2012 (Kantar)
Worldwide tablet shipments fall for the first time – down by 12% in Q4 2014 (Canalys)
Worldwide Tablet Shipments Experience First Year-Over-Year Decline in the Fourth Quarter While Full Year Shipments Show Modest Growth (IDC)
iOS 8 hits 72% adoption in latest data (Apple)
Less Than 2% Of Android Devices Are Running Lollipop, 3 Months After Launch (TechCrunch)

4Q 2014 Smartphone OS Results (ABIresearch)
Ad verenues in 2014, Apple vs Android (Opera)
Motorola sold more than 10 million handsets during the third quarter of 2014 (Lenovo)
Micromax overtakes Samsung as top smartphone maker in India (Canalys)
Product/company news
The next chapter of Office on Windows (Microsoft)
Microsoft bought Sunrise for (apparently) $100m (TechCrunch)
Samsung Looks Set To Unveil The Galaxy S6 On March 1 (TechCrunch)
Windows RT is officially dead (The Verge)
Amazon to Launch WorkMail, a Cloud Email Service for Companies (Re/code)
iPad shipments will see steepest decline ever in 2015 (9to5Mac)
Report: 80% of all mobile data is consumed by just 10% of users (GigaOm)
The App Economy Is Now ‘Bigger Than Hollywood’ (The Atlantic)
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