пресса про новые MacBook Pro

если вам кажется, что новые MacBook Pro только критикуют, то вот вам комментарии от тех, кто их реально попробовал уже:
The Verge: The best thing I can say about is simple: everything about it looks and feels so good I almost didn’t believe it.
iMore: In my brief hands-on time with the new MacBooks Pro, I liked what I saw and felt. The choices feel deeply considered and smartly implemented. I’ll have to spend more time with one before I make up my mind, though.
Wired: the MacBook Pro is exactly what you’d expect from the long-overdue update. It’s lighter, it’s thinner, it definitely feels faster. It’s a little heavier than a MacBook Air, but quite a bit smaller. The screen is brighter than ever, and so are the speakers and thermals and everything else because that’s what you do when you upgrade a laptop. Best of all, it comes in Space Gray!
Gizmodo: In typical Apple fashion, the company is touting this as a “revolutionary way to use your Mac.” Revolutionary is a bold claim, but after spending some time with the Touch Bar on the MacBook Pro, I have to admit, it is very, very cool.

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