In-app или не in-app

как-то не особо приходит в голову о чем писать, на фронте яблочных новостей затишье, не про Nokia на Android же писать, или там про очередной Samsung S5.
Вот сразу две статьи на тему того, что происходит сегодня на рынке мобильных игр, и как in-app убивает (или не убивает) игровую отрасль.
Статья 1

It’s a scam… done by sick people who have nothing left in their lives other than selfish greed. They should be thrown in jail for deceptive business tactics, and not featured in the app store as an Editors’ Choice.
This is outrageous.

Статья 2

But in fact, the model predates computers. I can trace it at least as far back as the Periscope mechanical arcade game from Sega in 1966 that offers to sell you ten lives for 25 cents ($1.80 in 2013 dollars).
So IAP is not a new model. It is a very old model, the model that started the industry, that everybody forgot about. It’s hard to imagine now, but according to Steve Kent there were some 400,000 arcade street locations in the United States. Compare this with only 121,000 gas stations or 190,000 grocery stores. That is a lot of interest in video gaming under a pay-to-play model.

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